RestorFX is a professional auto paint restoration that brings vehicles back to the durability and luster of their original paint finishes. Marks and blemishes get repaired rather than cosmetically covered, deep scratches are filled without having to grind down surrounding paint coat, and old paint finishes get restored with their original integrity. All of these benefits come within the few hours it takes to completely restore an entire vehicle.


The ClearFX attogenetic surface engineering system, a superior evolution of nanoceramic technology, produces a hyper-strength, super hydrophobic, and extremely scratch-resistant layer of high-gloss protection that lasts for years and does not fall off. Fortify your car against surface damage, UV exposure, and other environmental wear, while giving it a long-lasting luster.

Headlight Restoration

$100 The RestorFX Headlight Repair system removes past damage, restores lens clarity and provides ultraviolet (UV) protection against future fading and damage.

Other Services

Basic Detailing- Interior & Exterior System X Interior Coating Rust Protection- Call for details